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We can take care of all of these goals through the use of modern irrigation equipment.

Smart Irrigation Controllers

a sprinkler controller for total automization to your sprinkler systemSmart Controllers have been released by most major sprinkler brands. The upgrade to a smart box brings total automization to your sprinkler system.

Depending on the complexity of the smart controller, a number of factors will determine how your lawn is watered. Most boxes can sense weather, date, time, temperature, rainfall, forecasts, and meteorological and geographic data.

Micro Irrigation

for even distribution of water we can install a drip irrigation systemThe main idea behind micro irrigation is to provide a more even distribution of water directly to plants and ground cover. The most common forms of micro irrigation systems include misters and drip irrigation systems.

This method provides the roots with needed water while also reducing waste and runoff.

Soil Moisture Sensors

These units can sense when the soil has been saturated, and to what degree. If the sensor detects excess moisture, it can reduce or shut down watering mechanisms until the soil dries. This reduces water waste and takes the guesswork out of watering the lawn.

Sprinkler Heads

a sprinkler head installed by our techsWhile Sprinkler heads may not seem as fancy as a smart controller, you may be surprised by the level of technology that has gone into the newer models. This component alone can help provide a low cost solution for micro irrigation and water conservation. In some cases these heads can even sense when they are broken and shut off automatically, rather than gush water. If you are looking to increase effiency on a budget, our Coral Gables sprinkler gurus can show you what a difference sprinkler heads can make.

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When state of the art equipment is coupled with sustainable practices, small changes can produce big results. If you are tired of getting worked up over your water usage and lackluster lawn, call us today and we can show you how to lower your water consumption and have your grass grow greener. Trust us, your neighbors will be jealous.


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